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Gutters Repair & Installation

Rain gutters are a necessity for any home that is typically looked over by most homeowners until it begins to rain. Investing in a functional and working rain gutter system is more than worth it because rain gutters protect your home in numerous ways. Probably the most well-known benefit of a functional rain gutter is its ability to funnel water to the downspouts which direct the water from accumulating in front of your home or in inconvenient areas.

Proper rain gutter installation will keep your property cleaner by directing the water strategically away from your home or building without splashing on walls or creating large puddles. At Ricky & Richie’s Home Repair & Lawn Care, we provide expert installation of rain gutter systems in Lakeland, FL and throughout much of Polk County.

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Real Reviews by Real Clients

Jerry Davis

I had a situation where my sprinkler system zoning (12 zones on 2.5 acres) needed to be redesigned and repaired. Ricky and his father came in and got right to work. They made a recommendation of the redesign and updated me along the way verbally and through text. System works great now and the yard is doing much better.

Patti Giddens

We were very pleased with the work that Ricky did for us. He was punctual. His workmanship was impeccable. He totally replaced a bathroom flooring upstairs and the bath ceiling downstairs. They both look beautiful! His perfection was also displayed in his cleanup. Perfect! I will continue to keep his number handy if I need a handyman again.


R&R replaced a valve in my shower and installed an access panel for future needs. They were prompt, precise, professional and offered a fair price. Would call on them again.

alex osorio

Ricky did a gutter job for me and I’m so happy with the job. Very professional I recommend Ricky

Sarah Hooks

Ricky and Richie do an amazing job at a fair price. I would really recommend hiring them for anything around the house, they do beautiful work!

Don Cortes

Performed quality work at a reasonable price. Hardworking, trustworthy and reliable.

Jessica White

Great work for a fair price. Richie helped us renovate a rental unit on our property allowing us to rent out a quality place.

Charles Johnson

Knowledgeable individuals that do quality work,thank you guys. Will be calling you again,Charley